Noodle Lab is Wagamama’s test kitchen in Soho, where they trial new concepts and dishes. For their latest collaboration, I worked with their exec chef to develop Shu’s Shiok Chicken + Rice. It all starts with a Peranakan-style turmeric, ginger, and herb spice paste. The marinated, grilled chicken is then served on coconut and lemongrass dressed rice with lightly pickled slaw and finished with a caramelised lime. Shiok!

Check out the collaboration.

Available at Noodle Lab on Dean Street, Soho, London for a limited period. (If enough people like it, you might find the dish in more wagamamas nationwide so go go go!)

PAST FUN STUFF: I've hosted brunch clubs from my home in Stokey -a very special type of brunch with lots of chopsticks action and no avocado in sight. I’ve served a crazy 500 steamed buns with Yum Bun in a pop-up cocktail bar; flipped lamb satays over a barbecue at Street Feast in Dalston; flipped more things over a barbecue to rock & roll tunes; hosted fermentation workshops at a rooftop farm in Singapore; taken over vintage coffeeshop Carpenter and Cook with a toast party; and invaded a loft in Bushwick New York with rendang sliders.

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Many of these are in support of Action Against Hunger, a brilliant charity helping to feed others from less fortunate parts of the world - go check their great work out.