Hello New York I'm cooking! Dinner with a playful Singaporean X 'Murican menu, live jazz, and crazy cocktail bar, in a converted warehouse loft in East Williamsburg. Tickets plus details here.

A little feature on me and my designs, especially the Kueh infographic, in the August issue of CLEO mag (Singappre)!

Noodles poster now available on the shop and at Naiise! Huge centrepiece print to help you navigate the crazy shelves of Asian noodles across different cultures.

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The awesome folks at Naiise did an interview with me. Now up!

First of a weekly food column collaboration with Nong for Honeycombers Singapore– a naughty Viet noodle salad.

Let's rot veggies together. Fermentation workshop at Nong Edible Gardens 15 Feb. Achar! Kimchi !